5 Dez

Neuer Schritt in unserer Beziehung mit der CNCF

VSHN has a long commitment to the values and mission of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. This relationship stretches almost a decade back, and has had a few major milestones.
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27 May

VSHN.timer #230: Cutting-Edge DevOps Tools

In the ever-evolving world of software development and infrastructure management, keeping up with the latest tools and innovations is essential for developers and IT professionals. This VSHN.timer highlights some of the hottest advancements in the field, showcasing tools and updates that boost efficiency, scalability, and integration capabilities. From GitLab’s streamlined CI/CD processes to cutting-edge features in Kubernetes and Crossplane, these innovations are set to transform how we manage and interact with our tech environments.
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20 May

VSHN.timer #229: Latest Ubuntu Buzz

This week, we explore the most exciting headlines in the world of Linux, the open-source operating system we all love. Stay tuned for the latest updates that every Linux enthusiast should know about!
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6 May

VSHN.timer #227: Things that make you go „hmmmm“

While it’s easy to criticize big players in the IT world like Microsoft, it’s important to note that they’ve also become significant contributors to open source projects. Plus, Windows now even embraces Linux disciples! But every now and then, they do things that make you go hmmmm.
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8 Apr

VSHN.timer #223: An Exozodiacal Threat

This week we’re going to talk about CVE-2024-3094, the unprecedented computer security scare of the decade that was discovered thanks to the curiosity and grit of a PostgreSQL engineer.
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30 Jan

VSHN: ein bahnbrechender Crossplane-Partner

Aufregende Neuigkeiten für unser Team und die Crossplane-Community! Wir freuen uns sehr, bekannt geben zu können, dass VSHN nun einer der beiden offiziellen Partner von Crossplane ist, wie auf deren Community-Seite zu lesen ist.
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