For us DevOps consists of tools, processes and people: soft-skills for collaboration. Our long-time experience enables us to help our customers to define the process and implement it using standardized tools. We can offer these tools as readily available managed services. We have the necessary soft-skills for consulting, collaborative implementation and continuous improvement. For training these skills we also work with partners.


  • VSHN supports developers to make their software as automatically testable, deployable, scalable and operable as possible on any infrastucture.
  • We make users happy with stability and developers happy with agility and self-control.
  • We take care of generic processes like packaging, deployments and rollbacks, scaling, service discovery and load balancing, configuration- and key-management so developers can focus on delivering new features
  • We help our customer converting their agile business requirements on availability, scalability and cost in technical requirements.
  • We support IT-Organizations with new technologies like Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift, Rancher, Cloud etc.
  • We partner with cloud- and infrastructure-service-providers to run applications with maximal availability withstanding regular updates.
  • Our team of experts is available 24/7 and our company is ISO 27001 certified.

VSHN Software Delivery Automation Infografik




In the past few years Docker has established itself as the standard solution to containerization. The packaging, distribution and running of applications has never been easier. We use this to give software developers a local development environment identical to the production environment in version, configuration, extensions, modules and libraries. The same Docker containers are then also used to deploy and run actual releases of the software product. That includes automatic building of containers using continuous integration (CI) tools like Gitlab CI, Jenkins, Travis, Circle CI, Atlassian Bamboo, etc. and the automatic deployment using Kubernetes and OpenShift or Rancher.

We create tailor-made Docker images and processes to fit all use-cases from development to running on-premises or in the cloud. That’s why we’re also an official Docker partner for Switzerland


Kubernetes is a technology initially created by Google to orchestrate application containers. Based on their years of experience in running applications at scale this project has become a leading tool for stable software operations. We use Kubernetes in the OpenShift or Rancher distributions to run our customers applications and provide our experience in the form of consulting.

VSHN is the first Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) in Switzerland.


OpenShift – the product based on the Docker and Kubernetes technologies – provides an application environment handling the full software lifecycle: from automatic builds to deployment and operations. OpenShift bundles and integrates these open source components like Kubernetes, Docker, Jenkins, Kibana, Elasticsearch etc. VSHN is Red Hat Advanced CCSP (Certified Cloud and Service Provider) Business Partner.

With our APPUiO product we provide OpenShift as a managed service, in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.



Rancher from Rancher Labs is an open source software platform that enables organizations to run and manage Docker and Kubernetes in production. VSHN is an official Rancher Partner.

With our APPUiO product we provide Rancher as a managed service, in the public cloud, private cloud or on-premises.



Ansible is a modern tool for automatic server configuration very popular with software developers and system engineers. The easy to use yaml configuration syntax makes it easier to start and automate tedious tasks. We use Ansible for the Orchestration and Maintenance of our VSHN Managed Server products and also provide customization and engineering services.



Puppet has been the standard for automatic server installation and configuration management for over a decade. We use it to set up and configure our managed servers and services completely autonomously – nothing is installed or configured manually. The fully automated process provides audibility and repeatability. We provide customization and engineering services and continuously improve the existing Puppet Modules, which we also publish as open source.


More tools and technologies:
  • Continuous Integration: Jenkins, Gitlab CI
  • Version management: Git, Github, Gitlab, Atlassian Bitbucket
  • Documentation- and content-Management: Atlassian Confluence
  • Task-management: Atlassian Jira
  • Monitoring: Icinga, Nagios, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Fluentd, Grafana
  • Backends: MySQL MariaDB Galera-Cluster, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Memcached, Solr, InfluxDB
  • Webservers: Nginx, Apache, Varnish
  • Load-Balancer: Nginx, HAproxy, Keepalived
  • Application Servers: Tomcat, Spring Boot, Wildfly, ColdFusion, Node.js
  • Programming languages: Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, Scala, Erlang, Golang, Rust, Elixir, C, Perl
  • Frameworks:
    • PHP: Symfony, Drupal, WordPress, CakePHP
    • Java: Play, Spring, Resin, Tomcat
    • Ruby: Rails
    • Python: Django
    • JavaScript/Node.js: ReactJS
    • Elixir: Phoenix
  • Standard-applications
    • Magento E-Commerce
    • Magnolia CMS
    • Drupal CMS
    • WordPress CMS
  • Cloud-providers and infrastructures
    • International
      • Amazon AWS
      • Microsoft Azure
      • Google GCE
    • Switzerland
      • Exoscale
      • Swisscom
    • Private Clouds
      • VMware
      • HyperV
      • OpenStack
      • Cloudstack

Would you like to have us support you in one of these technologies?