Puzzle ITC

“Changing IT for the better” is part of our “mission statement” and firmly anchored in the foundations of Puzzle. We are convinced that a modern and sustainable IT needs the greatest possible openness. Whenever possible, we have been using open technologies and standards whenever possible. For example, we actively promote open IT according to our motto “We Contribute”.

“APPUiO is the first Swiss container platform based on OpenShift from Red Hat and offers customers the opportunity to purchase “OpenShift as a Service”. Thanks to the hybrid cloud approach and various services such as the “Public Platform”, the “Managed Private” and “On Premise”, APPUiO can be ideally tailored to the needs of the customers. APPUiO is a separate solution that we have realized with our partner VSHN AG.”





We are very happy to be partners with Puzzle ITC, take APPUiO on to the next level together and look forward to many additional years of successful cooperation.