A safe European cloud platform.

Exoscale is a European cloud provider focused on privacy, security, and performance. Dedicated to SaaS companies, developers and sysadmins, it offers all the building blocks needed to build a simple, scalable and safe infrastructure. Based and operated in Switzerland, we offer public cloud virtual machines, an S3 compliant object storage, GPU machines, DNS management, and private cloud solutions in zones located in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Simply made for DevOps

Integrated in all the mainstream automation tools, we strive to empower teams building cloud native applications, enterprises, and scientific communities to deploy and run large and complex architectures at scale, keeping operations simple and agile. A complete tool set including simple GUI, API and CLI allows you to command, control, and script any aspect of the infrastructure.

Scaling to your needs

Thousands of customers have chosen Exoscale to run their workloads because of its reliability, performance and support quality. With a simple price grid and virtual machines starting at 5 EUR per month, you can focus on what matters you most: scaling your project and forget about the underlying infrastructure.