Cinerent is a specialist event organizer: OpenAir cinemas worldwide and, the most popular festival for action sports.

OpenAir Cinema in selected locations with an impressive backdrop and exceptional atmosphere, high-quality gastronomy and sophisticated film program: this includes Allianz Cinema (formerly Salt / Orange Cinema) in Zurich, Bern and Basel (Switzerland), Commerz Real Cinema in Dusseldorf (Germany) and St. George OpenAir Cinema in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). All the technology, such as screen, projection and sound installation, was developed by in-house engineers. This is how the world’s largest hydraulically raisable mobile screens were created. The accompanying digital stereo sound system meets the highest standards regarding film sound.

In addition to its own events, the material is used worldwide (Brazil, Chile, France, Israel, Japan, Qatar, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates)., the largest European festival for action sports, has also been taking place under the open sky and in a beautiful location on Lake Zurich for 20 years. The world’s best snowboarders, freeskiers, mountain bikers and freestyle motocrossers will meet each other at the Landiwiese in Zurich to compete against each other and across sports in front of 33,000 visitors.

“We and our material are in use worldwide, which presents us with major challenges in IT. We have been working successfully with the VSHN team for a long time and count on their experience and expertise in consulting and engineering. Flexibility and transparency are two important buzzwords that come to my mind about VSHN: flexibility in approaching projects and transparency in cooperation. What I also like about VSHN’s consulting is that they pass on their knowledge to us so that we can carry out minor adjustments ourselves without having to call for support every time. I have never experienced something like that anywhere else.”

Nils Keller, Technology/Production, Cinerent