Senior Linux Engineering

Role: Senior Linux Engineering

Our tasks:

We support other developers in making their software testable, deployable, scalable and operateable in any cloud as automatically as possible. We call this DevOps, other companies sometimes call it Site Reliability Engineering, Operation-, DevTools-, Automation- or Developer Happiness Engineering. We run applications so that the users are happy with the stability and 24/7 availability and the developers with agility and control. We take care of the generic processes like packaging, deployment and rollback, scaling, service discovery and load balancing, configuration and key management, so that our customers can take care of (new) features even more efficiently.

We run all our servers under Linux, meanwhile about 1200 of them in 16 countries. We want them to run fully automated so that we don’t have to touch them individually and manually. For this we use Configuration Management, specifically Puppet and Ansible, to create the servers on the hypervisors of our customers and partners, configure the servers to manage the users, groups, keys, Sudoers, system services, etc. and regularly update the systems and configuration.

We therefore log on to the servers via SSH only for troubleshooting and debugging. This can of course happen, for example if a config management or monitoring script does not behave with the data on the server as in the local Vagrant VM. Or when we analyze an application or performance problem with the customer partner together. In both cases we use our years of professional Linux experience to find the root cause and write a script to make sure it can never happen again.

Your profile

In computer science in general and in our field in particular we work at the cutting edge of technical development – no one has 15 years of experience with Containers, Kubernetes, Ansible, Prometheus, etc…

With your experience as a sysadmin you will have the best prerequisites to quickly familiarize yourself with new technologies. From the experience of service product operations and customer projects, we develop new service products to solve our customers problems proactively.

Your benefits

  • We are an open source company: your achievements are visible in your Github profile and are part of your portfolio. We also develop our employee handbook as Open Source (, where you will find how we are organized as well as many details about how we work. Pull-requests welcome 🙂
  • We offer flexible working hours: whether early or late risers, we believe that well-rested engineers work best. The teams determine the time of the daily standup themselves, currently it takes place at 11:45 a.m., so that also the last ones are in the office.
  • We offer an annual working time model: compensate overtime by going home earlier or taking a day off when it is sunny and/or fresh powder snow? No problem!
  • We have 5 weeks paid holidays.
  • most of us work between 60% and 100%.
  • We have an office at Neugasse 10 in Zurich, 5 minutes walk from Zurich Central Station to keep communication within the team short and easy. Especially the planning of work, discussions and brainstorming sessions is easier face-to-face and/or on a whiteboard. As soon as it is clear what to do, some VSHNeers prefer the peace and quiet in the home office 2-3 days of the week. Therefore there are meetings and daily stand-ups also available via video conference.
  • Of course we have modern office infrastructure: Ergonomic chairs, height-adjustable desks, bright workplaces with lots of light, two 27″ or one 30″ screen, free choice of desktop operating system (most work with Linux or MacOS), Gigabit Internet connection.
  • At the beginning and every three years you get a budget for a new laptop (free choice), after three years you can keep the old one and get a new one.
  • Beverages and catering in the office: espresso, cappuccino, iced tea, cola, energy drinks, club mate, water and snacks are of course free of charge.
  • we usually have lunch together, we have ~20 restaurants and take-aways in walking distance.
  • We are sociable, we like to have drinks together and chit-chat and we do quarterly team events.
  • A Swiss Train Half-Fare travelcard (CHF 165.-/year) is included for every employee.
  • We love gadgets, therefore employees can also buy from our suppliers at company discounts.
  • There is a gym close to the office and we support
  • Each employee has an education budget (time & money) to attend training courses, certifications and conferences. We support our employees in presentations at meetings, conferences and guest contributions.
  • Each employee has a budget for a personal project to “hack” or invent something new.
  • We believe in transparency, which is why we have a transparent salary system that pays people the same regardless of gender, age or negotiating skills. Every VSHNeer receives phantom stock options in the company.
  • We are cosmopolitan engineers: We are interested in your experience and enthusiasm for our technical field. We don’t choose our co-workers by gender, age, origin, appearance, orientation etc.

Please note we don’t work with recruiters and we’re looking for people with permission to work in Switzerland (Swiss/EU citizen or Swiss resident/work visa holder).

Does this sound interesting to you? Please get in touch and stop by for a cup of coffee: