WEBINAR Moving Applications to the Cloud


Moving Applications to the cloud with Docker and Container Technology using DevOps principles

Learn more about containerization and moving your application to the cloud, how VSHN and our Swiss Container Platform APPUiO can help your business.

(Das Webinar ist auch auf Deutsch verfügbar)

Recognizing yourself in any of the following scenarios – you and this webinar are a perfect fit .


  • are running an application on legacy infrastructure and want to make it futureproof and move it to the cloud
  • have heard of Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and Container technology in general but you still don’t know if it makes sense for you
  • are a software developer and want to release applications faster and easier as time and resources get lower
  • want to improve current internal development and operation workflows and processes using DevOps principles

Watch the webinar and learn more about:

  • Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and Container technology in general – history/LXC containers, pros and cons vs. traditional VMs, what are Docker images, containers, container orchestration etc.
  • DevOps – what does it have to do with moving to the cloud and how we do it.
  • How the Cloud and Container technology helps your business to increase agility and security while automating tasks so that you can focus on your work – the application (CI/CD automation/pipelines, processes etc.).
  • How to make your applications future-proof and scalable
  • How we helped AdCubum with APPUiO to containerize their 20 years old legacy software with millions of lines of code.


Presenter: Aarno Aukia, CTO and founder of VSHN – The DevOps Company.


At the end of the webinar, Aarno answers questions about moving applications to the cloud, Docker & Container technology and DevOps.

Here you can watch the recording of the webinar:


Enjoy watching the webinar!


You can also view the slides of the Webinar.