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Open Source Monitoring Conference 2018

The four-day OSMC with around 300 visitors is all about monitoring tools, concepts and the automation of the monitoring system. Of course, Icinga2 is very well represented – in the talks, among the participants and organizers. The conference is organized by NETWAYS, the company behind Icinga2, and takes place annually at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Nuremberg.

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Docker Overlay Encryption

I have set up a Docker Swarm cluster on the new Hetzner Cloud. First things first – the Hetzner Cloud is really amazing: Super simple, super cheap and performs as expected. It is not a bloated cloud provider that has 100x services and features that you can use for your servers, this keeps the costs and complexity down – I am really a big fan of it.

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Hosting Drupal on Openshift with the help of Lagoon – by Bastian Widmer ( set out to make hosting of Drupal websites easier and more flexible. We always strive to stay at the cutting edge of technology. So it does not come to a surprise that we started adopting a container based approach to hosting. We’ll talk about what containers are and why we believe it’s important to go one step further and open source our technology we use to host websites.

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Automated build pipelines with GitLab CI and APPUiO

“Deploy early and often” is one of the core principles of agile development. One solution to this problem are automated build and deploy pipelines. This project uses such a pipeline, based on GitLab CI and OpenShift. A sample PHP application is built and deployed to APPUiO.

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APPUiO auf Microsoft Azure Cloud

Microsoft hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren vom klassischen Windows und Office Anbieter zum modernen Cloud Anbieter gewandelt. Die Azure Cloud ist zu einer globalen hyperscale Cloud Plattform geworden und bietet viele interessante Funktionen. Auch Red Hat hat dies erkannt und bietet offiziellen Support von OpenShift auf Azure an.

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Meltdown und Spectre

Am 4. Januar 2018 wurden Informationen über zwei Angriffe auf aktuelle Prozessor-Architekturen veröffentlicht, genannt “Meltdown” und “Spectre”, welche auch uns und unsere Kunden betreffen. Während die unterliegenden Probleme ähnlich sind, handelt es sich dabei um zwei unterschiedliche konkrete Angriffe.

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