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Study DevOps in Switzerland 2018 – participate until Nov 12!

Two years after our first check on DevOps in Switzerland, it is time to look more closely on the current state and adoption of DevOps. We are conducting a study on the state of DevOps in Switzerland 2018. With this study, we want to examine how you and your company understand DevOps and whether you are already working with DevOps principles.

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Wir haben Geburtstag!

Wir feiern heute bereits unseren 4. Geburtstag! Zur Feier des Tages haben wir ein paar Fun Facts über VSHN und die VSHNeers zusammengetragen – wie kommen wir ins Office, welche Lieblings- editoren haben wir, wieviel Kaffee wird monatlich konsumiert und vieles mehr.

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Netzwoche interview with VSHN founder and CTO Aarno Aukia

VSHN from Zurich has won two major customers this year: the Australian Ministry of Finance and, the Swiss federal government’s open data portal. VSHN founder and CTO Aarno Aukia explains how the DevOps start-up was successful and how it can offer data center services without a data center.

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