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VSHN wins Gold at the Digital Economy Award 2019

VSHN wins gold at Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. Who would have thought? VSHN – The DevOps Company wins gold at the Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. We couldn’t be happier and would like to thank all #VSHNeers who made this success possible.

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The party for our fifth birthday: #VSHN5 🥳

#VSHN5 – the big party for the 5th birthday of VSHN. On November 20 2019 we celebrated #VSHN5 together with our partners and friends. The party for the 5th birthday of VSHN took place in the Heile Welt in Zurich.

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Glenfis Cloud Talk with Aarno Aukia

Those who understand the cloud only as an IT topic have already lost. Many companies want to move their IT into the cloud, but how does that actually work? At the Glenfis Cloud Talk, visitors learned from three perspectives how to take advantage of the cloud and how to avoid obstacles. Daniel Wolf (Glenfis), Dominik Zemp (Microsoft), Aarno Aukia (VSHN) and Harald Häuschen (Helsana) gave inputs on the subject of cloud computing.

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Cloud Native Computing Meetup #5 2019

CNC meetup #5 2019. Our fifth Cloud Native Computing Meetup 2019 took place on November 7th at Ergon Informatik in Zurich. Many thanks to Ergon for providing the great premises and sponsoring the Apéro.

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VSHN at the AWS Summit Switzerland

VSHN at AWS Summit Switzerland 2019: As we previously announced, we are proud to have participated in the last AWS Summit Switzerland as Bronze Sponsors. The event happened on Wednesday, October 2nd 2019 in Trafo Baden. It was a great opportunity to meet partners and customers, and to learn more about the thriving AWS ecosystem.

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VSHN at the Forum EPFL 2019

Forum EPFL 2019. On Tuesday, October 8th, the VSHN team participated in the Forum EPFL 2019 in Lausanne, Switzerland. Forum EPFL is the largest recruitment event in Switzerland. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet talented engineers in the French-speaking side of the country!

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Looking back: APPUiO at the Cloud Conferences Bonn, Hanau, Hamburg & Munich 2019

APPUiO at the Cloud Computing Conference 2019 in Germany. APPUiO participated 2019 as Cloud Native Loft Sponsor at the Cloud Conferences of the Vogel IT-Academy in Bonn, Hanau, Hamburg and Munich. Success Story by APPUiO and Flexis at the Cloud Conference Hamburg 2019: From the Road to the Cloud – Optimization of Logistics Processes with Docker, Kubernetes and APPUiO.

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Red Hat Forum Switzerland 2019 Zurich

Red Hat Forum Zurich 2019. Also this year we attended Red Hat Forum Switzerland in Zurich with APPUiO as sponsor and with a booth on site. In 2019 the event took place at StageOne in Oerlikon and the number of visitors this year was even higher than in the last years. About 900 participants found their way to the 8th Red Hat Forum.

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