VSHN Teamevent #2 2019 – Foxtrail

Compared to the last time, the weather was at its best during our second team event. After we played Adventuregolf last time, it should be an outdoor event this time.

The VSHNeers gathered in the office and didn’t know exactly what to expect despite some hints in advance. (tip to myself: never leave techies in ignorance…they don’t like that)


First of all, groups were divided up and after receiving a task printed on paper, some VSHNeers already suspected what the team event would be about. The VSHNeers were sent through Zurich on a Foxtrail (also known to many as a scavenger hunt) and had to solve various tasks or puzzles in order to get a clue to the next goal.

Whether it’s GPS coordinates, picture puzzles or other tasks such as finding foreign comrades-in-arms – the organizers had saved no money and effort and always inspired us with funny tasks.

The stations led from the Ambossrampe over to Olé Olé Bar further towards the Gelateria Rosso Arancio (hmmm… super delicious ice cream!) and on from there to the Rentenwiese to the barbecue area at the Landiwiese near the rote Fabrik. There the electric grill was used to grill our well-deserved dinner and to enjoy the wonderful summer evening together.

Many thanks to all the participants and help for this really great team event through Zurich!

We’re looking forward to the next one. 🙂