VSHN Company Update 2022

It’s about time to give all of you a short update on what we at VSHN are working on and where we want to lay our focus in the coming months.
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Hiya Dawn!

Hey there! I am Dawn, the new Recruitment & Employee Experience Specialist. I’m very excited to become a VSHNeer and join the Team Antares.
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VSHNday 2021

On Friday, September 24, 2021, VSHNeers got together again for a physical VSHNday.
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Welcome Kathryn!

Hi, I’m the new Agile and Systemic Coach at VSHN. I coach the teams with the larger VSHN ecosystem in mind.
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Üdvözlünk, Virag!

My name is Virag aka Viri and I am very excited to become a part of the Sol Team and VSHN family as an Inside Sales.
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Welcome Adrian!

Hello everyone, my name is Adrian and I’m thrilled to join team Sirius as a System Engineer! I’m originally an […]
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Welcome Costin

Hello, my name is Costin and I like Linux! In the last 10 years or so I’ve been in various […]
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Reverse Engineering Conway’s Law

The lecture of Jacob Kaplan-Moss’ blog post, “Designing Engineering Organizations” triggered quite a few interesting conversations internally, and I would like to […]
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People are not resources

The choice of words matter. A lot. For non-native English speakers like me, certain words carry a seemingly “professional” meaning […]
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