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VSHN automates the operation of applications in the cloud or on-premise, so that software developers can focus on their business.

VSHN is the Ops in DevOps.

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We are experts in Container, Kubernetes, OpenShift & Managed Services


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Our automation accelerates development, deployment and operations processes


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DevOps is the industrial revolution in the software industry


Increase security

Our processes are ISO 27001 certified and we operate according to the Swiss banking standards

Report DevOps in Switzerland 2020

Download the report of our DevOps in Switzerland study 2020.

VSHN wins gold at Digital Economy Award

VSHN announces Project Syn

Swiss Digital Economy Award 2019

VSHN wins Gold at the Digital Economy Award

VSHN wins Gold at Swiss Digital Economy Award 2019 in the category Highest Digital Quality.

Kubernetes Certified Service Provider

VSHN is the first Swiss KCSP

VSHN is the first Kubernetes Certified Service Provider (KCSP) in Switzerland.

ISG Provider Lens 2019

VSHN is Rising Star Switzerland

VSHN is Rising Star Switzerland of ISG Provider Lens in Cloud Transformation / Operation Services & XaaS.


Our team of experts is available to you. In case of emergency even 24/7.


  • Swiss container platform based on OpenShift as a managed service
  • on-demand devopment and operations platform
  • 100% open source
  • including SSL/TLS certificates
  • Cloud management
  • World wide application management including 24/7 support
  • customer portal including monitoring, backups, updates, logs, metrics
  • close collaboration with software developers in the DevOps-model
  • Based on open source software
  • Authorized Docker Consulting Partner for Switzerland
  • Integration of containers in the development, build and operations process
  • 2 years of experience with Docker in production


Partnership VSHN & Rancher

VSHN enters into a partnership with Rancher. VSHN has been working with Rancher since 2018 and is now an official Rancher Partner. With Managed Rancher VSHN takes care of the setup as well as 24/7 operation, monitoring, backup and maintenance of a Rancher Cluster. Hosted in a public cloud of your choice or on-premises in your own data center.

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Moneycab interview with VSHN CEO Patrick Mathers

Patrick Mathers, CEO VSHN, im Interview. Moneycab.com: Herr Mathers, bitte erläutern Sie kurz was Ihr Unternehmen macht. Patrick Mathers: Die Digitalisierung macht heute vor keiner Branche mehr halt. Das bedeutet, dass so gut wie alle Unternehmen nun auch gleichzeitig IT-Firmen sein müssen, egal ob es sich hierbei um einen Finanzdienstleister oder einen Detailhändler handelt. Zudem wird die benötigte IT komplexer, schnelllebiger und risikoreicher, weswegen Software kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt werden muss.

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First Pre-Release of Project Syn Tools

We have been working hard since the initial announcement of Project Syn back in November 2019, and are proud to announce version 0.1.0, the first pre-release of a set of Project Syn tools.

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Results of the DevOps in Switzerland Study

In autumn 2018 and one year later in 2019, we conducted a study to investigate how Swiss companies understand DevOps and whether they already work according to DevOps principles. The status of DevOps in Switzerland was clarified, reasons for and against an introduction of the DevOps philosophy and where the development is going. The results were compared between the years in order to be able to directly identify conclusions and trends.

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VSHN wins Gold at the Digital Economy Award 2019

VSHN wins gold at Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. Who would have thought? VSHN – The DevOps Company wins gold at the Digital Economy Award in the category Highest Digital Quality. We couldn’t be happier and would like to thank all #VSHNeers who made this success possible.

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Announcing Project Syn – The Next Generation Managed Services

VSHN is proud to announce Project Syn, the next generation Open Source managed services framework for DevOps and application operations on any infrastructure based on Kubernetes.

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We're looking for talents

We’re a growing company and are currently looking for new team members.


Collaboration transforms customers into partners

Michael Schmid

Group CTO

“We experience a trustful and successful collaboration with VSHN.”

Silvan Mühlemann


“I appreciate VSHN as my solution-oriented and dependable partner without finger pointing.”

Mathias Brenner


“Sherpany trusts VSHN as a competent partner.”