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While you program, we take care of servers, data centers, networks, backbone, redundancy, backup, monitoring, and scalability. We will design the optimal infrastructure for your application so you can save operating costs.


We develop processes and tools that make your application continuously and reliably available. Puppet is one of the instruments we use.


We automate application rollouts so every developer can deploy into the test environment themselves. Production deployments can be a click away. This creates real agility. Git and Jenkins are tools we use to achieve this.


Infrastructure-as-a-Service IaaS means you don’t have to buy server capacity in advance, but can instead lease it flexibly and according to your needs. We maintain your servers in a public cloud or in your private cloud and take care of system administration.


You take care of your business and its development – we make sure the application works, day and night. You can reach us whenever you need us.


Using the DevOps approach, we will help you bring Dev and Ops together and change your software development process for the better.  Our experienced DevOps engineers will provide advice and support.



About us

Our team consists of experienced specialists in development and operations.


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Our customers

We already have a trustful relationship with these distinguished customers.

  • With a team of 30 dedicated Drupalistas, Amazee Labs is a globally growing leader in building effective solutions with the CMF Drupal. Our veteran specialists develop medium to large-scale projects, ranging from e-commerce to media and community platforms. Amazee Labs is proud to count The Voice of Switzerland (SRF), Classic Driver, Sonova, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Gottardo 2016 (SBB), Venture (ETH, Knecht, McKinsey), Neidhart + Schön Group, Swisscom KMU Business World, Fischer Connectors, Tele (Axel Springer Schweiz AG), Die Schweizer (SRF), LikeMag, FIDES Business Partner, Hofrat Suess, ReSource Award (Swiss Re) and many more among its customers.

    Demanding customers expect exemplary service from Amazee Labs and VSHN: high-availability redundant servers, first-class caching, performative Drupal PHP application servers, database clusters, etc. Amazee Labs is able to autonomously feed new customer hostings into the configuration management, which administrates the servers and as a result the customers' hostings. Using DevOps and Operations provided by VSHN, Amazee developers support the project logic with automatic development and production sites for every customer, different Drupal and PHP versions, and hosting based on customer requirements in different countries (CH, USA, ZA).

    "We've been working with VSHN on developing a new infrastructure for our Drupal hosting since the beginning of 2015. We don't have the capacity to handle such a substantial project in-house. That is the reason VSHN is supporting us with consulting, engineering, and server operations. This cooperation helps us create a technological basis for the future. The solution we created with VSHN opens up new possibilities for us regarding the hosting environment. For me, important reasons for choosing VSHN as a partner were that they specialize in in customer-specific projects and agile cooperation. They respond to our requirements and find ways to meet these requirements without allowing compromises concerning security. If something doesn't work right away, they find a way to solve the problem. The system we are working with now is fully automatic, but it is possible for me to manually access it if I should need to. Our developers no longer need to perform repetitive tasks and scalability, tracking and maintenance are more easily possible. Our experience working with VSHN is one of mutual trust and successful collaboration."

    Michael Schmid
    Head Technology, Amazee Labs

  • Cinerent is a top-grade event organizer: open-air cinema events world-wide and freestyle.ch, the well-known festival for action sports.

    Open-air cinema at select locations with imposing backdrops and extraordinary atmosphere, high-quality catering and a refined film selection: including Salt Cinema (formerly OrangeCinema) in Zurich, Berne and Basel (Switzerland), Commerz Real Cinema in Düsseldorf (Germany) and St. George OpenAir Cinema in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia). All of the equipment, such as screens, projection, and sound installation were developed by engineers in-house. The world's largest hydraulic mobile screens are one result of this work. The corresponding digital stereo sound system meets the highest demands regarding film sound. In addition to Cinerent's own events the material is in use around the world (Brazil, Chile, France, Israel, Japan, Qatar, Portugal, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, United Arab Emirates).

    For over twenty years freestyle.ch, the largest European action sports festival, has taken place in the open air at a beautiful location on Lake Zurich. The world's best snowboarders, free skiers, mountain bikers and freestyle motocrossers come together on the Landiwiese in Zurich to compete against each other in front of over 33 000 visitors.

    "Our staff and our material are in action around the world, which poses certain challenges regarding IT. We've been successfully working with VSHN for a while now and we rely on their experience and skills in consulting and engineering. Flexibility and transparency are two important keywords that come to mind when I think of VSHN: flexibility regarding their approach to projects, and transparency regarding our collaboration. Another thing I appreciate about VSHN's consulting work is that they pass their knowledge on to us so we can carry out small adjustments ourselves without having to call for support every time. I haven't experienced that in this way with others."

    Nils Keller
    Technik/Produktion, Cinerent

  • Gbanga (Millform AG) is the Swiss games studio focused on the development and marketing of mixed reality games. Mixed reality games adapt to the players' environment and adjust the gaming experience accordingly, taking into account location, local time, the weather and friends in the area. Gbanga regularly receives national and international awards for its innovative and profitable gamification projects. The focus is on advergames, B2B gamification and GPS apps to generate passing trade.

    Games are played anytime and anywhere. Therefore, Gbanga relies on a reliable, redundant and scalable server infrastructure, for example if all of the players log into a game and begin playing at the same time.

    "The cooperation with VSHN was excellent. We developed the Java-based back-end of the game Gross. Stadt. Jagd. for Mercedes-Benz Switzerland. VSHN supported us with know-how regarding Nginx and MySQL replication. We were able to thoroughly test the game on the server and perform load tests with different configurations before going live. Server capacity and consequently running costs were only increased after testing and and shortly before the live event. During the event, which lasted about two and a half hours, a VSHN staff member continuously supervised the system, stayed in contact with our developers, and could have intervened, if necessary."

    Matthias Sala
    Founder and CEO, Gbanga (Millform AG)

  • Gross. Stadt. Jagd. by Mercedes-Benz Switzerland is a mixed reality multiplayer game played via smartphone (iOS, Android). It is the modern version of an urban scavenger hunt based on the principle of the last man standing. The players try to escape the hunter in Zurich's city center. The last remaining player wins the hunter, a brand-new Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brake.

    During the game, on 29 May 2015 from 8pm to shortly after 11pm, up to three Mercedes-Benz CLA Shooting Brakes pursued over 3000 players in the city of Zurich. Gross. Stadt. Jagd. is a unique real-time game in the world of mobile apps which thousands of players can take part in simultaneously.

    In order to process such a large amount of simultaneous users, JEFF Communications GmbH needed a reliable, redundant and scalable server infrastructure for Gross. Stadt. Jagd. All of the participants' cell phones continuously exchanged coordinates with the server with which it continually calculated hits, power-ups, remaining life points, etc.

    "We needed a very stable infrastructure for this project. VSHN provided this server infrastructure along with considerable technical know-how and they monitored the system during ongoing operation. Therefore, we were able to concentrate on the game itself. We had worked together with VSHN on other projects and knew that we could rely on them 100%."

    Philip Eggenberger
    Managing Partner, JEFF Communications GmbH

  • Founded in 2011, Sherpany now has over 40 employees in Switzerland, Portugal, Brazil and Germany. The Zurich-based startup's range of services, Investor Service and Boardroom, brings together investors and companies and increases the effectiveness of and efficiency in meeting processes.

    Sherpany is the first independent platform that makes communication between companies, administrative boards, and investors accessible, personal and tangible. Sherpany helps modern companies solidify investor loyalty, focus the work of the board of directors and increase corporate governance. Transparency, tangibility, and visibility are sought-after qualities in contemporary communication. Whether via Investor Services or Boardroom: Sherpany brings companies, boards and investors together in the simplest possible way. The online communications platform reduces waiting periods and allows personal messaging.

    "The safekeeping of highly sensitive data is one of the biggest challenges of the digital age. To achieve this, Sherpany relies on VSHN as a trusted and competent partner. Securing sensitive data requires special attention. Extensive expertise in hosting as well as network security is necessary to ensure the requirements of ISO 27001, ISAE and FINMA conformity. We chose VSHN as a partner for a number of reasons: their employees' comprehensive knowledge of network security and data hosting, their use of the newest technology and proven standards, and the high level of project development and implementation."

    Mathias Brenner

  • SIX operates Switzerland’s financial market infrastructure and offers comprehensive services in the areas of securities trading, clearing and settlement, as well as financial information and payment transactions on a global scale. It runs one of Europe’s key regulated stock exchanges and is the reference market for about 35,000 Swiss securities. SIX is a leading post-trade partner in Europe and operates vital infrastructures on behalf of the Swiss financial center. In addition, SIX is one of the leading providers of financial information in Europe, with 85 years of experience.

    SIX Payment Services provides a wide range of services related to cashless payments. It is the market leader in card business in Switzerland, Austria and Luxemburg. SIX Payment Services offers services along the entire value chain of cashless transactions, from issuing cards via their acceptance to the processing of card-based transactions. New products such as the Paymit app turn smartphones into wallets.

    "VSHN AG operates managed servers for SIX, including maintenance, proactive monitoring, necessary updates and security. The entire platform runs very reliably - everything works like it's supposed to. The working relationship between us, VSHN and our software provider was very agreeable. Possible obstacles were overcome before they could turn into problems. For these reasons, I can wholeheartedly recommend VSHN."

    Andy Lanzone
    Senior Project Manager Marketing Communication, SIX Payment Services AG

  • SOBRADO is a SaaS-based tendering platform for insurers and insurance brokers. Due to the automation of the tendering and comparison processes, it reduces effort for insurance brokers by up to 90%: sending tenders to all insurers, taking care of the application and underwriting process, creating tender comparisons by clicking one button, and fully automatic document management. The sensitive nature of this data makes a highly available and certified secure hosting environment essential.

    "Very high availability, integrity and confidentiality are business critical for our application. It took us a long time to find a partner who can not only manage our web hosting, but also take care of the fully secure operations side of our software. In addition to the VSHN team's excellent technical qualifications, security due to clearly identifiable individuals, clear responsibilities, ISO-certified operations in Switzerland and technical security measures (Firewall, WAF, VPN, etc.) were crucial for us. We are held accountable by our customers, which means that all changes to the system are monitored, which in turn ensures transparency. Communication channels are short and VSHN proactively contacts us if they perceive potential for improvement. This makes VSHN our ideal partner."

    Thomas Rietmann
    COO, SOBRADO Software AG

    "We develop agile software in a security environment. So we need an operations partner at eye level to support us. Because of their extensive experience in this area , VSHN's DevOps engineers can tell us what works and what doesn't. We are able to achieve high security requirements because of the automation of our operations processes, transparency, and the avoidance of manual mistakes by checking processes on test systems. As a by-product, all of my developers have received continually updated development environments based on our production systems. That means compatibility issues are eliminated and they can concentrate on programming. Together with VSHN, we've automated the roll-out of new software versions as much as possible so we can more frequently perform smaller updates and therefore minimize the risk of an update problem. I have come to know and appreciate VSHN as a solution-oriented, reliable partner."

    Silvan Mühlemann
    CTO, SOBRADO Software AG

  • Starticket AG is one of the leading Swiss ticketing providers for events of all kinds. Since 2003 the company annually sells around two million tickets using a network of 1,700 ticket agencies, a call center, the online shop at starticket.ch and a mobile app. Thanks to technological innovations and favorable conditions, Starticket has continually expanded its market position since its foundation and these days, it is one of the largest ticket vendors in Switzerland. Starticket has been part of Tamedia group since 2013.

    The start of advance sales for a popular festival or the concert of a world-famous artist poses considerable challenges for the platform regarding availability and scalability. At every event, scanners developed by Starticket are used to check tickets and communicate with the online platform.

    "We specialize in web-based ticketing and electronic access control on-site. This means we and our customers rely on a perfectly working infrastructure. In VSHN, we have found a partner who has been helping us overcome such challenges for a while now. They are responsive to our wishes and develop custom concepts to assist us in achieving our goals. Problems are solved reliably and we appreciate their honesty and openness. Their knowledge is easily and directly accessible to me and my colleagues."

    Oliver Bachmann
    Requirements Engineer, Starticket AG

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