We help software developers to run their applications agile and 24/7 on any infrastructure.



Get back time

Our automation accelerates development, deployment and operations processes


Reduce cost

DevOps is the industrial revolution in the software industry


Increase security

Our processes are ISO 27001 certified and we operate according to the Swiss banking standards


Our team of experts is available to you. In case of emergency even 24/7.


  • Swiss container platform based on OpenShift as a managed service
  • on-demand devopment and operations platform
  • 100% open source
  • including SSL/TLS certificates
  • Cloud management
  • World wide application management including 24/7 support
  • customer portal including monitoring, backups, updates, logs, metrics
  • close collaboration with software developers in the DevOps-model
  • Based on open source software
  • Authorized Docker Consulting Partner for Switzerland
  • Integration of containers in the development, build and operations process
  • 2 years of experience with Docker in production


NoSQL – Why you should use MongoDB instead of a relational database

What’s wrong with relational databases? In this (very opinionated) blogpost David explains why you should use MongoDB instead of a relational database

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Introduction to OpenShift on Exoscale

The world is talking about the Kubernetes Project – but did you hear about OpenShift? It’s an open source product based on the open source projects Kubernetes and Docker plus a container builder/registry, and a Web GUI to manage it all. This blog post will introduce you to OpenShift and give some hints why to use it, how to get started, and where you can get professional support and managed services.

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Let’s Encrypt for load-balanced services

The Let’s Encrypt certificate authority was launched for production use in April 2016 and aims to make encrypted connections on the Internet ubiquitous. Historically certificate authorities have demanded payment for issuing X.509 certificates and the issuing/renewal process was largely manual. Read more

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Collaboration transforms customers into partners

Michael Schmid

Group CTO

“We experience a trustful and successful collaboration with VSHN.”

Silvan Mühlemann


“I appreciate VSHN as my solution-oriented and dependable partner without finger pointing.”

Mathias Brenner


“Sherpany trusts VSHN as a competent partner.”