Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures at VSHN

Everyone and everything around the globe is now affected by the Coronavirus (COVID-19), and so is our daily life at VSHN and that of our customers and partners. During these challenging times, our thoughts go out to the families who have been impacted by the virus and all the great people working in the medical and care areas around the clock to help people in need.

We wanted you to know that we at VSHN are doing everything possible to keep our employees and community safe and to help slowing down the spreading of the virus. We take the following measures while ensuring to continue to deliver our services to you and your business uninterrupted and in the quality you expect:

  • Home office: given the nature of our work, we are lucky that all VSHNeers are able to be working from home starting Monday March 16th 2020
  • Practicing social distancing: all personal meetings which are not absolutely necessary are to be postponed or to be held remotely
  • Hygiene measures: Closely following the hygiene measures recommended by the Federal Office of Public Health

With hundreds of customers and partners relying on VSHN services and the APPUiO platform to run their applications 24/7 and to stay connected to their customers and users, we are working hard every day to make sure our platforms and systems are fully operational and running smoothly.

We are closely monitoring the developments around COVID-19 and will keep you aware of any updates as the situation evolves. On behalf of the entire team here at VSHN, we are here for you during this extraordinary time and we thank you for relying on our services.

For further detailed information, you can also have a look at our handbook. We also support the #eSolidarity campaign of Swiss startups.

Here are the newest developments with further information: