Partnerschaft VSHN & Crossplane

VSHN geht Partnerschaft mit Crossplane ein

Zürich, 21. November 2019: VSHN ist stolz darauf, eine strategische Partnerschaft mit für unser Project Syn – VSHNs Next Generation Managed Services Framework – bekannt zu geben.

Cloud Agnostic with Crossplane

VSHN has always been cloud agnostic and will further enhance this paradigm by partnering with Crossplane – „The open source multicloud control plane“.

By leveraging Crossplane, the user of Project Syn can specify the backend services needed in a completely cloud-independent way. Provisioning of these services happens fully automated, handled by the tooling in the most optimal way. As an example: when a MySQL service is requested, Crossplane would provision a cloud service if the cloud provides it or deploys it inside the Kubernetes cluster leveraging a service operator. This way the user doesn’t have to care about the implementation and can fully focus on the application.

Project Syn is designed to run on all Kubernetes distributions and clouds. It’s prepared to support all the specific features of any given cloud and Kubernetes distribution by abstracting the specifics. This means Project Syn will run on OpenShift with, Rancher Kubernetes and all managed Kubernetes offerings. Support for even more Kubernetes flavors and clouds are added on demand. Plans exist to support single node Kubernetes Clusters using Rancher k3s.

Warum Crossplane?

Tobias Brunner, Head of DevOps & Partner of VSHN – The DevOps Company:

„After several weeks of evaluation, we’re excited to be using Crossplane as a cornerstone in our next-gen hosted DevOps product. Crossplane is an extensible open-source platform that adds declarative cloud service provisioning and management to the Kubernetes API with excellent support for GitOps-style continuous deployments for cloud-native apps that is at the heart of the next-gen offering of VSHN.“

Über Crossplane

Welcome to Crossplane! Crossplane is an open source multicloud control plane to manage your cloud-native applications and infrastructure across environments, clusters, regions and clouds. It enables provisioning and full-lifecycle management of applications and managed services from your choice of cloud using kubectl. Crossplane can be installed into an existing Kubernetes cluster to add managed service provisioning or deployed as a dedicated control plane for multi-cluster management and workload scheduling. Crossplane enables the community to build and publish Stacks to add more clouds and cloud services to Crossplane with support for out-of-tree extensibility and independent release schedules. Crossplane includes Stacks for GCP, AWS, and Azure today.

Über VSHN – The DevOps Company

VSHN (ausgesprochen ˈvɪʒn wie „vision“) ist der führende Schweizer Partner für DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift & 24/7 Cloud Operations.

VSHN wurde mit der Absicht gegründet, den Hostingmarkt grundlegend aufzumischen. Als Lean Startup haben wir uns durch Automatisierung, Agilität und einen kontinuierlichen Verbesserungsprozess auf den Betrieb von IT-Plattformen konzentriert. Völlig standortunabhängig und ohne eigene Hardware betreiben wir umfangreiche Applikationen nach dem DevOps-Prinzip agil und 24/7 auf jeder Infrastruktur, damit sich Software-Entwickler auf ihr Business konzentrieren können und der IT-Betrieb entlastet wird.