Bem-vindo João!

I have been an IT geek for around 20 years, programming open source as a hobby and doing Unix/Linux system admin as a profession. VSHN is an opportunity to fuse my passion with my experience, fueled with the expertise of my team mates. I am starting in the Sirius squad, taking care of operative system and container platform management. With time I expected to acquire a better understanding on VSHN’s roadmap, projects, customers/partners, etc in a way that I hope will let me participate in more areas.

My goal with VSHN, to participate in the global transformation of „Information Technology“ into an open/collaborative knowledge area, where the majority of people should be able to participate for profit and/or fun.

I usually spend most of my spare time on opensource programming, gaming and movies, this year will be rather different, with the relocation to Zurich I have an all new country, new culture, new experiences to discover.